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The Chambers Center for Well Being is home to a unique medical practice. Atlantic Integrative Medical Associates offers specialty care with an emphasis on disease prevention, natural medicine and lifestyle change. Our integrative medicine specialists are experts in nutrition, botanical medicine, hormone replacement therapy and conventional care. We focus on preserving and restoring health, utilizing the best of Western medicine combined with other global healing traditions, such as traditional Chinese medicine.

Our health care professionals carefully assess what might be the underlying cause of disease and put programs and treatments into place designed to reverse disease and restore optimal health.

Pediatric Integrative Medicine

Integrative pediatrics is based on combining traditional pediatrics with holistic practices, such as nutritional medicine. Many children suffer from medical challenges that are partially caused by food allergies and gastrointestinal imbalances. As a result, children can present with both physical and neurobehavioral symptoms. Integrative pediatrics combines all modalities to address the root cause of a condition. Once we know the cause of a problem, we can put a program into place that treats symptoms and supports overall long-term growth and health for your child.

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