Our Philosophy

At the Chambers Center for Well Being, we promote wellness – the state of being well or in good health. Our philosophy is that health is more than just the absence of disease – it is a cohesive balance of body, mind and spirit.

We believe:

  • Wellness is holistic – we treat the whole person, recognizing that the mind, body and spirit each have a direct impact on your vitality and well-being
  • The practice of integrative medicine combines conventional and complementary therapies – promoting optimal health and preventing and treating disease by addressing underlying factors
  • There are many paths to healing – integrative medicine, the healing power of food and the connection with our community and environment
  • Wellness is a self-responsibility – recognizing each individual’s responsibility to take charge of one’s own health and to engage in behaviors that will proactively prevent illness and promote higher levels of health and well-being
  • Prevention is the best intervention

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