The Chambers Center for Well Being is home to integrative medicine experts that treat a variety of medical conditions. We see people of all walks of life, of all ages, who benefit from our healing treatments, coaching or health assessments. Read personal stories and experiences at the Center.

For Children, Integrative Medicine Proves Its Worth

"My son’s physician, Dr. Annette Cartaxo, has made all the difference in helping his depression and anxiety. While traditional medicine has improved his outlook, the Chambers Center for Well Being and their functional medicine approach has brought my son to the next level of wellness. Dr. Cartaxo did a comprehensive review of my son's diet and a complete metabolic workup, which resulted in a diagnosis of pyroluria. She was able to treat his pyroluria with supplements that corrected the deficiencies that affect his depression and anxiety. We have seen the difference in his daily behavior and improvements with school work as well. I can’t thank Dr. Cartaxo enough! We are able to see light at the end of the tunnel."  - Elizabeth Rodriguez, parent

Returning to Peak Performance After Serious Setback

"Most of us will only read about what it’s like to compete in a triathlon. Some may hear a blow-by-blow account from a family member or friend who practiced for months to check this item off his or her bucket list. Shane Arters has another story. Over the last 28 years, Arters has competed in more than 200 triathlons and multi-sport events, which made his diagnosis of Guillain-Barre Syndrome (Miller Fisher variant) in 2011 almost unbearable for him to accept.

'I was crushed,' says the now 45-year-old San Mateo, California, resident. The immune system disorder is a rare nerve disease characterized by abnormal muscle coordination, paralysis of the eye muscles and a disappearance of tendon reflexes. Transmitted through contaminated food and water, the syndrome can easily be contracted by eating undercooked chicken. Arters was suddenly unable to fully move his hands. Furthermore, it fueled a paralysis in his right eye that led to distorted vision and headaches.

Most of his recovery was spent at Morristown Medical Center and the Chambers Center for Well Being, working with one of the Center's acupuncturist. He had regained movement in his hands just prior to beginning his acupuncture routine so the sessions focused solely on restoring his blurred vision.

'The acupuncture needles were inserted at strategic points all over my head. This process was not painful at all and helped to stimulate blood flow where my optical eye nerve had been damaged. The recovery process took one and half years to complete.' Arters was eventually able to move his right eye to the right up to 16 inches without double vision occurring.

'My acupuncturist was very kind and always went the extra mile with me,' says Arters. 'She would come in early or stay late to accommodate my schedule. I know this is unheard of in the medical field where patients usually have to wait for their doctors, but it’s just the way she is. I have been able to return to competition and I owe my comeback largely to her expertise.'"

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