Lifestyle Change Program

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A healthy lifestyle. We all know that’s where we should start if we want to feel and look our best. But knowing where to start can make all the difference in seeing long term results. The Chambers Center for Well Being offers a Lifestyle Change Program that is ideal for anyone looking to reach and maintain fitness and wellness goals.

This 12-week, comprehensive program is offered in a supportive and encouraging environment. Group sessions provide the necessary support for you to effectively transform your mind and body through dietary adjustments, supervised exercise instruction and stress management. The core components of the program are:          

Nutrition Education
Our registered dietician will lead you through a 12-week curriculum based on a well-researched, whole foods, plant-based Nutritarian diet developed by Joel Fuhrman, MD. We will begin by eliminating specific unhealthy foods from your diet and introducing you to new nutritional habits. In addition, Dr. Fuhrman will be giving three nutritional lectures and answering questions about the diet to participants of the program.

Twice a week, participants will work out for one hour under the guidance of a certified fitness trainer. Our intention is to help you establish the principles of proper cardiovascular exercise and strength training in order to improve balance, core strength and flexibility.

Stress Management
Implementing change can be difficult, we all struggle with day to day challenges that can hinder our success. In this component, participants will learn everyday tools to support your wellbeing, as well as receive stress management tips to help you achieve your wellness goals.

To register, call 973-971-4890.

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