Specialty Programs

We offer a variety of specialty programs, such as:

  • Lifestyle Change Program – We all know that a healthy lifestyle will help you feel and look your best. The Lifestyle Change Program guides you on how to establish, reach and maintain fitness, weight and wellness goals. Participants attend supervised exercise, diet, nutrition and stress management classes for only two days per week for two hours at a time. This 12-week program is based on a whole foods, plant-based Nutritarian diet, developed by The New York Times best-selling author Joel Fuhrman, MD. Learn more
  • Dr. Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease® – This outpatient lifestyle program is scientifically proven to improve and even reverse heart disease. Clinical outcomes consistently demonstrate that participants show improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, depression, and weight. The program focuses on your diet and lifestyle as these simple choices – what you eat, how you respond to stress, whether or not you smoke, how much you exercise and the quality of your relationships – can make such a powerful difference in your health, well-being and survival. Learn more
  • Interactive Metronome® – This therapy can make a proven difference for those looking to improve their memory, processing and sequencing of information, and motor coordination for music or sports performance. Our goal-oriented program encourages clients to match a metronome beat with specific hand and foot exercises, and provides real-time feedback in milliseconds. Using a variety of games that are engaging and fun, our system stimulates synchronization of timing in multiple regions of the brain. This therapy may be particularly helpful for children and adults with ADHD. Learn more
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) – This eight-week meditation program uses mindfulness as an approach to manage stress and treat different conditions, such as heart disease, anxiety, chronic pain and high blood pressure. Learn more
  • Mindful Teens – The Mindful Teen program includes six, one hour-long sessions designed to help teens deal with some of the common challenges of this stressful stage of life. Through a series of simple, research-based mindfulness exercises, teens learn to manage stress, improve attention and respond to their thoughts, emotions and actions with more skill. Learn more

* We reserve the right to change practitioners and program structure, as necessary. Dates and times for classes may change. Please call to confirm.

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